Corporate Citizenship

Marketing & Communications

Whether the goal is communicating with your grantees or the public, attracting board members to your corporate foundation or increasing public awareness of your corporate citizenship program’s cause or charitable giving programs and awards, goodworks can help you identify your target audience and craft messages that move people to action. By creating innovative marketing strategies that integrate traditional and new media outlets (i.e. social media and the web), we can help you “start and guide the conversation” about your good work.

Let goodworks help you:

  • Audit your mission/brand identity and positioning
  • Develop, evaluate and implement marketing plans for traditional and web-based media outlets
  • Work with your PR and communications departments to develop newsletters, annual reports and brochures
  • Create special event and promotional materials
  • Develop custom board, volunteer and staff orientation/training materials
  • Plan education and community outreach programs
  • Provide project management for marketing-related deliverables (e.g. interfacing with graphic and web designers to develop and implement brand identity, logos, blogs and websites)